NHS Pharmacy Services


Other Services

Collection and delivery service

We collect and prepare prescriptions from a number of local surgeries. In cases where you may find it hard to pick up your medication we can have it delivered to you.

Travel Advice

Based on your destination we can advise you on the latest travel health requirements including which anti malarial medication or vaccinations are required. We can also provide you with travel products including insect repellents and sun screen


We value all our customers and aim to provide services to the highest possible standards. If however you have had a bad experience we want to know. We have a positive attitude about receiving complaints so tell us, either by calling in person or by telephoning us.

Feedback and Suggestions

If you have a suggestion or would like to comment on any of our services, we want to hear from you.

Patient Confidentiality & Data Protection

The pharmacy conforms to the NHS Code on Confidentiality & Data Protection. This ensures that all patient information is kept confidential at all times and will not be disclosed in a form that might identify a patient without their consent.

The pharmacy also has a freedom of information publication scheme which details what information about the pharmacy is available to the public and how it can be disclosed.

If you wish to access your patient information, please make a written request regarding the information you require.

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